Always known for her introspective lyrics and soaring vocals, Lauren’s songs have been heard on television series and soap operas including “Joan of Arcadia,” “Party of Five,” “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” and her critically acclaimed National Anthem is featured in the Disney feature film “Miracle”. Lauren sings the National Anthem before every Philadelphia Flyers home game, a tribute to her late father, legendary National Hockey League Hall of Fame announcer Gene Hart, known for 30 years as “The Voice of the Flyers.” 

Lauren has recorded 6 albums and has a 7th ready for 2018. 

She has performed at the Presidential Inauguration, where she shared the stage with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and on the French Riviera, where she lived for several years, performing with such artists as Stan Getz, the Gipsy Kings, Harry Belafonte and Frank Sinatra.  

Lauren returned to the US and began her recording career when she was signed by Columbia Records in 1996 and later RedAnt/BMG. 

In the U.S., she has appeared on the CBS Morning Show National, and opened for Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Train and 10,000 Maniacs. 

In addition to her music, Lauren has enjoyed a successful career in broadcast television, serving as co-host of Philadelphia’s NBC 10! Show, and appearing on the Comcast Sports Network covering the Flyers, and most recently hosted her own television show on the WMCN network called ALL HART.   

Lauren has ventured into the world of documentary filmmaking by scoring  Race to the Bottom of the Earth, chronicling her husband Todd Carmichael’s record-setting solo trek across Antarctica. And the film Johnny and Jane come Marching Home, telling the story of our homeless veterans. In 2012 Lauren started work for DANGEROUS GROUNDS, a travelogue show for the Travel Channel. Lauren is the composer and makes on camera appearances as well. 

Lauren’s passion for music is matched only by her passion for the charitable organizations she is committed to – MOMS DEMAND ACTION, EVERYTOWN, INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION, and the Gene Hart Memorial Fund where she helps oversee college scholarships and contributes to cancer research and patients. 

Lauren is on the Board of Governors of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards) and is the chapters Vice President. She also sits on the board of the Philadelphia Orchestra, has been on advisory boards for both Pennsylvania Hospital and The Philadelphia Zoo, and is an honorary Board member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Southern NJ.  In 2007, Lauren was honored by the Society with its prestigious “Person of the Year” Award. She was named “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Friends of the American Cancer Society in 2010. In 2005 Lauren married Todd Carmichael, the founder of one of the premier coffee roasters in the country, La Colombe.  

Todd and Lauren are proud parents of 4 children who were born in Ethiopia. 

They have worked tirelessly on behalf of the children and families in Ethiopia and Uganda. Their love of the Africa and the people helped shape their family and their entire future. They continue their work in the form of micro loans, family sponsorship, and education and farming.



Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey on January 10. 
Fell in love with music and singing by second grade, chose my career. 
Fell in love with hockey, wanted to sing at the games, waited. 
Went to college at Temple University and studied…music. 
Left college, started my own band and sometimes sang with the Dovells. 
Back to Atlantic City, played in the lounges, went to hockey games, wanted to sing, waited. 
Moved to Monte Carlo, sang with Frank Sinatra, sang and danced in two stage musicals, sang with my own orchestra! 
Moved home and sang for President Clinton’s Inauguration! 
Got a record deal with Columbia! 
Moved out to LA, recorded first album at Sound City, in the studio with Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
Moved back to Philly and started to sing for…The Flyers! 
Got dropped from my label. 
Did some touring, opened for Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Train. 
Signed to my second label, RED ANT/BMG. 
Wrote original music for several tv series including JOAN Of ARCADIA, DAWSONS CREEK and PARTY OF FIVE. 
Moved back to France…sang and played some more. 
Got sick, got dropped from my record label, got better, started working with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Pennsylvania Hospital Cancer Center. 
Elected to the Board of Governors of the National Recording Academy and served two years as vice president. 
Start recording on my own and independently put out three CDS: PAINTED BRIDE, GIRL KEEPS ON and 5 LIFETIMES. 
Appeared (well, heard) in the Disney movie MIRACLE about…hockey and I sang…the national anthem! 
Got a tv show -10! on NBC – cohosted in the mornings with Bill Henley. 
Met my future husband when he was a guest on my show, got married. 
Released fourth CD, GOOD THINGS. 
Still singing for the Flyers, wrote music for some documentary films. 
Won the LA Cinema Film Festival Award for Best Documentary, RACE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE EARTH. 
Honored with the American Cancer Society Friends Humanitarian of the Year award. 
2009-2010 Flyers reach the Stanley Cup Finals, just fall short, heartbreak. 
Adopted four BEAUTIFUL and SWEET children from Ethiopia – three girls and one baby boy – instant family, love. 
Helped create and wrote the soundtrack for the TV show DANGEROUS GROUNDS (which by chance stars my man). 
Released my 6th CD, AWAKENING. 

Mother, Daughter, Wife, Family Family Family!

Wrote recorded and release album #7!!!!!

Looking for my next adventure!